Call for Training: 2017 Volunteer Training

2017 Conference Series – 5 | Islam and Muslims in Colombia

Pedro F Hipólito’s Comments on Suleymaniye Mosque Voluntary Activities

We are on the July 2017 Magazine of Turing

2017 Conference Series – 4

Invitation for Opening Session of Training Program

Event | Countering Islamophobia: What can we do? by Lauren Booth

2017 Conference Series – III “Introducing Key Islamic Terminology to a Western Mindset”

Kadıköy İHL Talks: Mosque Voluntary Activities

2017 Conference Series – II Islamophobia in Finland : Discourse, Politics and Media

İstanbul Tuzla Municipality Event Invitation

Open Call For Applications “Istanbul Youth Diversity Event”

2017  Conference Series – I ” Being a Muslin in Argentina”

Print News for Russian Suleymaniye Mosque Brochures


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