Assoc. Prof. Dr. Enes Eryarsoy

| Chairperson of the board |

In 2000s, during the days when Turkey’s rapidly increasing number of visitors raised Istanbul into top ranking for tourism, we as the founding volunteers of our center, started out with a simple question:

“What can we do for foreign visitors who come to see our country, our mosques and historical places?”

We went down to the field, asked our questions in touristic places, listened to the visitors, and finalized our interviews.

Based on the responses and comments we received, we concluded our mission and vision, and established Center for Cross-cultural Communication officially in 2010.

We are currently working on institutional steps to carry our organization and its activities into future. We would like to make our activities sustainable with the contribution of volunteers who share the enthusiasm and intention with which we established the center in the first place.
Keep in touch and in goodness.

On behalf of Center for Cross-cultural Communication volunteers, Enes…