From the Chair


|    Assoc. Prof. Enes Eryarsoy

|    Chairman





We as volunteers were initially inspired by the need to reach out and inform our foreigner visitors, exchange students and expatriates in Istanbul, Turkey.

Interviews were done, questions were asked, we listened to them, we tried to understand our guests visiting our historical, religious, cultural places and leaving without information related to spiritual aspects of the mosques, madrassas and pavilions.

We started in 2010 with a simple question: What we can do for our guests?

And this voluntary organization was born.

Now our aim is to establish such an organization not based on a person or a group of people, but to make it a sustainable one, based on volunteers who would like to have same aims and carry them to the future. We believe the continuity of our activities depends on not being reliant on any one person.

Keep in communicate with us & Keep on doing good.

On behalf of Center for Cross-Cultural Communication Volunteers, Enes..